Invasion of the Nation Snatchers

My country is not my country!

There is a reason why you feel that way: it isn’t your country.

The Nation Snatchers

No, they’re not aliens…At least I don’t think they are. The invaders are bankers. They are money men who have schemed throughout history how they can take over and completely control all people everywhere. I won’t get into why now—it’s too dark—but I want to explain the how. I also want to explain the how to undo what they have done. We can get our nation back! We all have to join together, point at the Banksters who have usurped our sovereign authority, and start screaming. Well, OK, maybe it’s not quite that simple. Let me explain a little more…

Right. Remember what everybody said in Invasion of the Body Snatchers? “That’s not my husband” “I know that looks like my wife, but it’s not my wife”
Just about everybody feels like there is something wrong with our government; with our country: “My country is not my country”

Something happened at the time of the Civil War

The Southern States seceded, leaving the true United States government without a quorum. They felt they had to continue on, so they created a corporation based in Washington DC. That corporation, still in force, is what now runs this country.

Is that legal?

No. Aspects of it might be, but the government has misrepresented itself. Not only have they not been honest with us about how they are operating, they have also committed us as collateral against debts they have accrued without our permission. Worst of all, they have been borrowing money from banks (the “Federal Reserve” which is not federal and holds insufficient reserves, but a private loan company), when the Constitution gave Congress the right to create money which would make the bankers obsolete and irrelevant. Getting rid of the bankers would be like cutting out a very expensive and dishonest self serving middle man—who, incidentally happened to be a sociopathic megalomaniac.
Abraham Lincoln intended to reverse the vacation, and secure the US from the influence of the bankers. John Kennedy tried to get the bankers out of the US currency business too. Neither of them fared very well.

What can we do?

Unlike the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, we can undo this! The original and true Republic was “vacated” when the Southern States seceded. We don’t need a revolution or civil war or other ugly and violent solutions. There are a number of people and groups working to restore the US Republic.

The All States Organic Initiative (ASOI) is a good places to begin examining means toward restoration.

Interesting supplemental information:

David’s Mighty Men

Calling men & women who can resist tyranny & intimidation!

David was on the run from Saul

David had not done anything wrong. He had only succeeded as a warrior and as a man. Saul—the king who had been rejected by God for disobedience—felt threatened by David, who was clearly enjoying God’s favor. Saul tried to kill David on more than one occasion, so David ran from Saul and hid in the wilderness.


David fled to the wilderness and some men followed him there

The Bible says: “So David departed from there and escaped to the cave of Adullam; and when his brothers and all his father’s household heard of it, they went down there to him. Everyone who was in distress, and everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented gathered to him; and he became captain over them. Now there were about four hundred men with him.”

The group of people with David included some guys we might think of a shady characters. But they became his most trusted soldiers and companions.

Saul was no longer the rightful ruler

Saul had lost his commission from God. God said that He regretted that He had made Saul king. He sent the prophet Samuel to anoint David as King in Saul’s stead.

The US Government is not the Constitutional Government created by the Founding Fathers

Though it is a Goliath-like behemoth, it is not the valid Constitutional government. When the Southern States seceded from the Union, there was no longer a quorum, which meant that the government could not legally go on. The remedy they decided upon was to form a Washington DC based corporation that would carry on the functions of government. The original Republic was left vacated.

A group of scholars and patriots has come together like David’s mighty men in an effort to restore the American Republic, as the Constitutional entity the Founding Fathers intended.

More mighty men and women are needed! Are you in distress or in debt or discontented? Do you feel you have been disenfranchised by the tyrants now in power? Use this moment to join those who are insisting upon our heritage of freedom by signing the Re-Declaration of Independence and begin moving toward the restoration of our United States Republic!

Five Words Used to Control & Enslave You

Did you know…

…That the result of the Civil War was not slaves being raised to the level of sovereign—the level all Americans enjoyed before the institution of the 14th Amendment—but sovereigns being lowered to citizens, and slaves being raised to citizens? It’s true. Language has been used to rob us of our status of sovereign, which is the status our Founding Fathers intended.


…Is a legal entity – a trust, corporation, partnership, association. Don’t be fooled by the attorney’s statutory word trickery if you see “natural person”. An adverb cannot change the root meaning of a word. Plain and simple, it is impossible to be a “person”. You are either a man or woman – a living being. A “person” is a dead entity and attorneys may only represent persons – commercial legal entities.


…Is the word used to establish jurisdiction in a State (a legal entity). To “reside” is a commercial term only used to establish domicile for tax revenue purposes.


…Is the word used to establish jurisdiction in a Federal district. It is also a commercial term only used to establish domicile for tax revenue purposes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may only tax those people who have voluntarily deemed themselves internal to the district. Thus only legal entities have tax liability.


DRIVER is a For Hire / paid operator of a motor vehicle. The term “motor vehicle” is defined as every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power used for commercial purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property, or property or cargo. You do not “drive” your car as teamsters drove a team of horses, mules or oxen. You travel!


PASSENGER is someone who pays a fare for passage on a commercial carrier – airplane, bus, taxi, limousine, cruise ship, train or trolley, rather than a “guest” who travels without charge or fee. Do you pay to ride in friends’ cars?

What Is the Remedy?

The problem is that the legal system as it currently functions does not recognize you as a free and living human. A legal problem must have a remedy.

The origins of this problem of being enslaved by the American legal system are in the loss of, or “vacation” of the true US Republic before the Civil War when the Southern States seceded from the Republic. The Republic no longer had a quorum, and could not legally operate. In order to carry on, a Corporation of the US was formed, and, since that time, our US government has functioned—illegally—via the Corporation that was formed. Sounds confusing and terrible, doesn’t it? We have been fraudulently robbed of our American Republic.

A group of patriots is insisting that our liberty be restored. Join them now, by signing a Redeclaration of Independence of the United States of America

A Marshwiggle’s Paradise

“Our dream world is better than your real world”

Puddleglum was a hero

A witch was holding a prince captive, making him believe he could only inherit his kingdom with her cruel, tyrannical help. A marshwiggle named Puddleglum helped the prince challenge the witch. When the prince remembered his heritage, the witch, who was holding them hostage underground, tried to make them believe that there was no world above ground; that her underground world was the only thing that was real. She used a fire to cast a spell on them so they would forget reality. Puddleglum stomped on the fire with his bare feet, and put out the fire, so the captives could fully identify with their heritage and become free to pursue their destinies.

The Republic is real!

In the same way the witch tried to convince the prince that he had no claim to his throne without her aid, the United States of America has been usurped.

When the Southern States seceded from the Union, the historical Republic no longer had a quorum, and could no longer function. In order to maintain the government, a corporation based in Washington DC was formed.

This corporation has functioned as the government of the US from that time. The original Republic was “vacated”. Lincoln had a plan to restore the Republic and proper US currency, but was killed before he could facilitate that. There are people calling for the re-institution of the American Republic. In this Republic, the American people can truly be free, as the Founding Fathers intended.

To sign the Re-Declaration of Independence, go here

Our nation can be restored!

Is all this really real?


There are people and institutions who, like the witch in the story, stand to gain much by taking away our true heritage; indeed, they have already taken it away. They now feel compelled to hold onto it at all cost, and are likely to strenuously oppose the restoration of the Republic. But they can’t deny that it is real, and, legally, they do not have a leg to stand on, because they have gained their hold on us through fraud (see some of the other pages and / or watch The Secret of Oz for more detail).

The prince and the marshwiggle in the story, along with their friends, knew there was a world above ground. They remembered a sun. They knew life could be different in free Narnia! The witch threw magic powder on a fire that would make them compliant—in a similar way to which fluoride is put in our water to make us compliant—and in a soft, seductive voice, laughed at them for believing in a warm light: the sun. “There is no sun…” She scorned their memories of the real world.

The Sun!

Puddleglum spoke up and said “One word, ma’am…Suppose we have only dreamed or made up all those things—trees and grass and sun and moon and stars and Aslan himself…Then all I can say is that, in that case, the made up things seem a good deal more important than the real ones.”

The sun and moon and stars and grass and trees are real! So are life and love—and so is the American people, and their right to liberty.

We need some Puddleglums!

Can you step up to put out the bewitching fire that is keeping people asleep? Are you willing to help people become aware that their country has been stolen from them—that, like the prince in the story, they have believed they can only receive their legacy through those who wish to tyrannically rule over them like the witch?

Everything good you believe about our country can be so. All of the hope you have for the future can come to be. Come above ground and bring others out of sleepy darkness!

Welcome to free Narnia!

More about the history of the US around the time of the Civil War

Abraham, Andrew & John

What did they have in common?

Abraham, Andrew & John

You know that Abraham and John were assassinated while in office. Did you also know that Andrew (Jackson) was the victim of an attempted assassination? An assassin approached him, pointed two pistols directly into his belly and pulled the triggers—but both pistols misfired and Andrew Jackson survived the attack.

But, besides that, they have something very significant in common. Each of them wished to end the tyranny of the world banks over the nation they loved, and each of them wanted to restore true Constitutional money issued by Congress.

You might wonder what other sort of money there is. That is the sort which we now use: money issued by the private banking system known as the Federal Reserve. This system is not a part of the US government, but is a private banking interest!

The story of the takeover of the US

In Abraham Lincoln’s term the Southern States seceded. When this happened the Union, the United States, no longer had a quorum. This meant that the government could no longer legally function. As a remedy a Washington DC based corporation was formed, and the corporation functioned as the US government. The Republic was “vacated”. Many scholars believe it was Lincoln’s intention to restore, or “re-inhabit” the Republic when the war was over. However, Lincoln was killed before he could do so. He left the corporation in control of the US, her people and her resources. To this day the US is administered by the corporation, and the Republic has remained vacated.

Andrew Jackson

“You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.”
–Andrew Jackson, 1828 (to a group of investment bankers trying to persuade him to renew their central bank charter).

Andrew Jackson succeeded in abolishing the 2nd central bank after the 1st central bank was also abolished. Unfortunately his hard work, risk and diligence gave a benefit to the US people that was only short lived. In 1913 Congress met on Christmas Eve to vote to install the Federal Reserve.
This is not only unfortunate to the American people and deadly to our economy, it is illegal! The Constitution says that Congress may mint money. Under the current Federal Reserve system, bankers create money as debt (and determine monetary policy). Our government instantly owes the money created by bankers. Taxes do not go to pay for things, taxes go to pay the debt owed to bankers for the money we all use. The Federal Reserve is an extremely expensive unnecessary middle man.

On January 30, 1835, Jackson was walking out of a funeral in the Capitol when Lawrence jumped out of nowhere and fired a pistol eight feet from Jackson’s heart. The pistol misfired, and Jackson attempted to hit Lawrence with his cane. Lawrence took a second pistol and fired again, and the gun miraculously also misfired. The people around Jackson tackled Lawrence to the ground, and Jackson escaped without injury.

John Kennedy…

…Knew that Congress could mint money without the bankers. He recognized the stranglehold the Federal Reserve—and through it the banking elite—held on the people of the United States. He had a plan to restore the duty of creating currency to its rightful body: the United States Congress. He even had the currency printed, and it still exists in a warehouse.

These men risked their lives to see the tyranny of the bankers over the people of the United States broken. A free monetary system is crucial for a people to remain free. In our time we have the opportunity to restore not only our country’s financial independence from bankers, but to also restore the Republic for the United States.

When Tyrants Control Money

The history of civilization…

…Is tied to the history of money, those who have controlled it, and whether they made it available for others’ use. When money dries up the majority of people are serfs and slaves with no hope of ever owning their own land (and I don’t mean owing a bank for land one lives on) or benefiting from their own labor.

The influence of rulers…

The Caesars insisted on controlling the flow of money. In so doing, they put the brakes on culture and the development of mankind. The lack of money created by the Caesars triggered the Dark Ages.
A few people controlled land and other resources. Everyone else was forced to serve them or starve.
In the 1100s King Henry I began to accept tally sticks, a form of money that was virtually impossible to counterfeit and was available to all, in payment of taxes. In so doing King Henry made it possible for ordinary people to participate in commerce, allowing for the development of tradesmen and independent workers.

Enter the bank of england

Beginning in the 1600s the Bank of England objected to the tally stick and soon saw to it that the tally stick was no longer used. They could not control the flow of commerce. The atmosphere created by the tight control of money was one reason the American colonists found it necessary to throw off the tyranny of English rule. The freedom won by them was only temporary though, and Alexander Hamilton’s role in the first cabinet was to try to maneuver the new nation back into financial dependence upon Great Britain.

Ongoing battle

The history of the Unites States is witness of a constant battle between financial independence and compulsory dependence upon the good graces of the world bankers who impose rule through the Bank of England. The Federal Reserve System is very closely related to the Bank and serves its interests. Presidents who have tried to free the American people from the tyranny of the Bank have been shot at, poisoned and otherwise assaulted, and at least two—Lincoln and Kennedy—have been killed.

Following the Civil War, the American people and our land were offered as collateral for the debt to the Bank, and the Great Depression was related to a note coming due. That time the gold of the nation and her people were tapped. Private ownership of gold became a crime. We as a people have been treated as chattel by the Bank, and by those in our government who are in league with the Bank–which is most office holders, as many have been bought and paid for as a means of protecting the interests of the bank.

Now is the time we must break free from the tyranny of the Banks. Technological advances that could precipitate a new renaissance have been stifled. We stand at a crossroads. Freedom from the Bank can mean a new renaissance. Continued enslavement to it will mean an ever darker world.

The Good News

There are people who are struggling to become free from banker oppression, and to restore the American Republic. Here are some websites that may serve to inspire and inform you:

All States Organic Initiative (ASOI)
Nesara News

I Withdraw Consent

The US government has made many commitments in your name

You have not objected to what the Government has done. Perhaps in your personal life you have complained, but you probably have not taken any legal or public action to withdraw your consent from what the government is doing. You pay your taxes; you accept FRNs as means of exchanging goods; you register your car; you get licenses for regulated activities. In all that, you have given your implied consent to what has been done by the Government in your name.

You are collateral

Although the Constitution empowers Congress to create currency, throughout much of the history of the US private banks have been creating our currency. The currency created by the private banks is created as debt. That means that at the very moment money is created in the US, it is owed by the government to the banks. This is why we have national debt issues. The Constitution provides for currency creation through Congress, not through private banks. The history of the US is characterized by a struggle between Presidents who wish to end the creation of currency by the Federal Reserve and create money the way the Constitution suggests, and the influence of private bankers who wish to maintain their strangle hold on the people of the US. The Presidents who have supported the Congressional creation of money have been shot in office. Andrew Jackson’s assassin failed because his TWO pistols, pointed directly at Jackson’s gut, failed to fire.

The banks required collateral

And you are it. The lands, the resources and the people of the US are collateral for the loan.

Did you give permission?

You gave implied consent because you did not object. You went on, business as usual.
But you were not given full disclosure.

That means that when the Government took on these obligations to the banks you were not told that you—and generations of your future offspring-were being offered as collateral. Because the Government did not fully disclose the terms of the agreement, the contract entered into between Congress and the banks can’t be enforced. It is fraudulent. Disclosure was not made; fraud was committed. Your continued silence is consent.

How can you withdraw your consent?

You can learn about the law. You can learn history—the full and accurate history that wasn’t in your school books. You can learn about the betrayal of the American people by their elected leaders who sold them out to international banks, and how, at the time of the Civil War, the Constitutional Government of the US was replaced by a Washington DC based corporation. Dedicated and wise people are finding means for a restoration of the US Republic, and you may learn about some of them by visiting the All States Organic Initiative (ASOI). Some other websites you might find helpful are:

Who Is Sovereign?

Is God sovereign?

Among Christians there’s a lot of talk about the “sovereignty of God”; “God is sovereign”. He is. That is beyond dispute. However, God gave His sovereignty over earth to Adam: “…Fill the earth and subdue it…Rule over…every living things that moves on the earth…” When Adam and Eve did the one thing God told them not to—ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil—they invited the serpent or the devil into the perfect world God had created for them. Jesus is called the “Last Adam,” who restored man’s relationship with God the Father, and returned lawful sovereignty over the earth to mankind. God is still ultimately sovereign, but He has charged mankind with responsibility for the earth.

Who is sovereign in the US?
All of the foundational documents of the US such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution acknowledge man’s God-given sovereignty. “We the people” were lawful sovereigns in the US.

Many things changed at the time of the Civil War. When the Southern States seceded from the Union, the Government no longer had a quorum, which meant they could not continue to function. So the “de jure” or of law government became defunct and was replaced by a Washington DC based corporation.
When the 14th Amendment to the Constitution took effect it brought an end to the ability of individual human beings to own other human beings. However, “We the people” lost our sovereignty, and, in many respects, became slaves owned by the Government.

Sovereign to Citizen

Slaves were raised to the level of citizen, but previously free people who had been sovereigns were lowered to the status of citizen. The people of the US became collateral for a loan from a group of European bankers similar to today’s Federal Reserve.

What Happens Now?

Are you satisfied to be a servant to the Government in a land where you were meant to be a sovereign? God has given you a charge to subdue and rule over the earth. Have you reneged that responsibility to the Government?

Thomas Jefferson envisioned a nation in which each person would own a few acres of land on which he / she would grow food to provide for his / her family. He envisioned a nation of free people, who own their land, and had the freedom to do with it as they wish.

This summer a woman in Michigan was arrested for growing vegetables in her front yard, and $50,000 worth of organic food was confiscated and destroyed.

Globalists want to tax us for breathing out carbon, while big corporations continue to sell and promote GMO crops that threaten to destroy the very fiber of life.

Illogical and inequitable enforcement of spurious laws abounds, but people are not safe in their homes.

This Is a Job for Sovereigns

We must reclaim our sovereignty and re-establish lawful, Constitutional Government. God has handed the care of this lovely world that He created to us. If we allow cruel, brutish and foolish tyrants to destroy it we will have to answer to Him.

How Can I Reclaim My Sovereignty?

There are people all over this nation who are standing to reclaim their sovereignty. These websites will help you begin your quest to regain your sovereignty:

All States Organic Initiative
Nesara News

You can be sovereign!